Brazilian culture

Brazilian culture

The Portuguese, the Indians and the Africans have formed modern Brazilian culture. The dominating Portuguese beginning has given the Brazilians their language, religion and some customs.

Brazilians speak a little modified Portuguese language, Catholicism prevails.

The culture of Brazil is a mixture of various historical traditions of the people which have formed Brazilian nation.

The influence of African and American Indian culture could be recognised in music and dances.


January, 1st - Day of general commonwealth / New Year

January, 20th - the foundation of the city Rio-de-Janeiro

April, 21st - Tiradentis

May, 1st - Labour Day

September, 7th - Independence Day of Brazil

October, 12th - the Holiday of the Phenomenon of the Virgin

November, 2nd - Commemoration Day

November, 15th - day of declaration of the Republic

December, 25th - Christmas

Other cultural events:

February: the well-known carnival in Rio

February-March: races of Formula-1 in Sao Paolo