Capoeira Capoeira - an afro-brazilin kind of martial art.

It is a mix of traditions, customs and philosophy. It combines music, movements, struggle and some aspects of a dance. All of these make an integral part of a single whole.

Modern capoeira, unlike its early forms, is rarely used in fighting purposes. There is no sparring in Capoeira. Everything that occurs in capoeira is called a game.

Game in capoeira is a continuous improvisation of two players. Handsprings and handstand movements alternate with upright movements; escapes and dodges - with evasive moves; various acrobatic elements - with attacks and kicks. Capoeira is not played to win, but to cognize own abilities, to discover something new in oneself.

Practicing capoeira is a physical and spiritual activity, a possibility to develop in several aspects of various arts at a time.

In Ukraine, this art develops at a high pace, attracting more and more followers, the huge audience irrespective of gender, age and personal tastes and preferences gets interested in it.

Origin of name capoeira

Capoeira According to the most widespread version the word capoeira comes from a language group tupi-guarani to which the language of Indians tupi belongs, and means a field ranked with a bush and grubbed by a fire or clear-cutting

Also many masters and researchers translate this word as low green - a place with low grass where it is convenient to practice capoeira.

At the same time, the word capoeira is translated from Portuguese as a cage for hens.

Besides, the word capoeira can be a result of violated sounding of words kipula/kipura from language kikongo. This version is held to by a researcher of the people bakongo, scientist K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau. In his opinion, pula/pura means to flit to and fro, and also "to hit, fight". The people kongo also use the word kipura to define a person whose movements in a fight

imitate a cock during cockfights.