There is own system of knowledge appraisal in capoeira, but at the same time it differs considerably from the same system of the other martial arts. Appraisal in capoeira is called the batizado.

Batizado (which in translation means "christening") is the ceremony of belt receiving (cordas), initiation of capoeiristas.

Those, who already have their first belt, who have already had their batizado, then pass the ceremony of changing belts (troca de ordas). Each school has its own rules of appraisal and own gradation. But there are general basics and principles on which this event takes place.

Who decides which belt will a student receive?

This is decided by the instructor of the group, first consulting with mestres. In cases when students receive their second belt and above, they pass an appraisal before the batizado. At the appraisal mestre checks their level of knowledge and skills and confirms or changes the decision of the instructor.

On the basis of what the decision on belt awarding is made?

The decision is made taking into account how well did the student train all year, what basic level and level of techniques and knowledge he/she has, how he/she participated in capoeira workshops and how is he/she able to play in the Roda.

Our web-site has brief information on what is necessary to pay attention to and what mestre will pay attention to depending on gradation. This can be found in the section Gradation

How does the ceremony look?

Appraisal usually consists of two parts: the first is a small examination to test the knowledge; the second is a ceremony itself. The ceremony takes place the next day after examination.

For the ceremony everyone gathers in a big hall (theatre, concert hall or any other place).

At the batizado, apart from participants, senior students of the school, mestres, participants of the workshop and guests that come to look at the ceremony are present. Prior to the ceremony there is usually a show in which the group shows as much aspects of the Brazilian culture as possible: capoeira, dances, music, shows solos and makes a Roda. After that begins the appraisal. The instructor one by one calls students to play with mestre. Everyone has an opportunity during a short period of time to show what he has learned. Usually after mestre overplays the student, the game stops and mestre ties the belt on the students waist.

First attestation for the first belt takes place, then for the second and so on.

Starting from the second belt, not only mestre plays with the student in the Roda, but also other instructors and teachers, the game can last long enough and the rhythm of game can vary - from slow to fast.

Batizado Batizado is a festival for every capoeirista. This is a big positive event, experience and your one more step in capoeira.