New year 2012


Page where you can check "Grupo Axe Capoeira" trainings schedule in Kiev and other cities.


History of capoeira, masters of capoeira, music, frequently asked questions, etc.

In Ukraine

Grupo Axe Capoeira Branches - Kiev, Kharkov, Khmelnytskyi, Kryvyy Rih

Songs in capoeira

Songs - an integral part of capoeira. The section presents the songs that we sing in training and in Roda with translation.


At our forum you can ask questions that you are interested in and simply communicate with other capoeiristas.


Answers to questions you would like to ask us.


"Grupo Axe Capoeira Ukraine" has costume show program, which covers the whole layer of the Brazilian culture.

Foto and video

Photo and video materials from a variety of events: shows, batizadu, Street Rod, speeches - our group in Ukraine.


How to contact us.

Training: Kiev

Schedule training in Kiev. Required information.

Culture of Brazil

Portuguese, Indians and Africans have generated modern Brazilian culture. We wish to acquaint you with it.

Show: Festival

This page is devoted to annual festival of the Brazilian culture held by our group in Kiev together with invited guests from Brazil and other countries.