When it is possible to put name down for trainings?

To put name down for trainings it is possible in any day of month, having come on training. The subscription will work exactly month from the date of its extract.

From what age it is possible to be engaged?

We have separately groups for adult people and for children. We collect children on trainings from 7 years. In adult groups - from 14 up to 40.

And how to get in already debugged process - if I has missed the first training in beginning group (or date of the set), whether I can catch up with group?

The first year of training are base techniques of capoeira. Therefore at your desire you will be involved in process on the move.

How many people in group and whether influence quantity of persons on the quality of training?

The standard group of capoeira usually consists of 15-20 persons. To be engaged in capoeira by yourself its a nonsense as techniques of capoeira are calculated on the subsequent game in a roda, and in a roda can be from 20 up to 200 persons. To be able to play with everyone, it is desirable to fulfill these techniques in pairs with different people, besides there are always many group tasks on the trainings.

In our group there is a precise division on a level. It enables to balance a level engaged in it. We try, that the quantity of students was always optimum for each of them.

What form of clothes for trainings and also what it is necessary to buy in addition?

The first 2 months form of clothes is free (any sports trousers, T-short or vest). Subsequently, if you decide to be engaged in capoeira seriously, you can get the form for trainings, having addressed to the teacher.

Whether special physical preparation is necessary to be engaged in capoeira?

Special preparation it is not required. Certainly, if wishing to study capoeira already was engaged in any kind of sports, it will be little bit easier for him to master some elements. But capoeira it is so original, that the big role is played with your desire and diligence, than the previous experience.

How often it is necessary to attend trainings?

Trainings of initial group are spent 3 times in a week. It is desirable to attend all trainings but if at you it is impossible do it for any reasons you can stipulate with the trainer the schedule. But it is necessary to note, that any individual schedule considerably will slow down process of your training.

Where to get video, music and texts of capoeira songs?

Many materials are laid out on our web site; also teachers of our group have video and audio archive which they with pleasure will share with you.

I already wish to be engaged... But something else confuses me I shall not understand that...

Come to any trainings or on the Roda to saturday! Look, what capoeira above ground is. You can ask all the remained questions to our trainer personally or to talk to any senior students of our group.